Astra Hybrid and Electric

Astra Electrified

Astra now comes in a powertrain to suit your needs:  fully committed to going electric or want to but currently it doesn't suit your needs

Our Electrified Powertrains include 

Plug -in Hybrid


1.6 Turbo (180PS) Petrol engine


81kw Electric motor


43 miles of Electric range (WLTP - EAER)


100% Electric


114kW Electric motor (158PS) with 54kWh battery


258 miles of Electric range


0 grams of CO2 emissions

Choose the one for you

To celebrate the new Astra Electric, Vauxhall has commissioned two murals in London and Manchester Vauxhall partnered with British artist Iain Macarthur to create dynamic street art inspired by the Astra Electric The murals will be available for the public to see throughout August

Electric Essentials

Both the Electric and Astra Plug-in Hybrid powertrains have the following features to ensure you get the most of the Astra:

  • Three powerful driving modes to match your journey, road conditions and mood. Choose Sport mode which adds to the fun. Or Eco mode which will help maximise your range. Normal mode gives you the best of both.
  • The Vehicle Data Monitoring systems keep you in the know and in command. Providing an intuitive overview of driving conditions and energy consumption. All streamed to the Pure Panel® display cluster in a stylishly simple, digitally detoxed flow.
  • Energy recovery system, recapturing power normally lost while braking and decelerating.


Astra GSe Plug in hybrid