Essential Air-Conditioning Service From only £69.

Make sure you enjoy the Summer and Winter months in comfort.

Have you ever noticed that you sneeze or feel drowsy when driving? Or that there are smells in your car that you can’t explain? You may not realise it that your air conditioning is only 80% effective after one year and only 60% effective after two years.

Over time, dirt and bacteria can build up in your air conditioning system and cause bad smells and even affect your health. If you’ve noticed any unusual odours or your windows are misting up more than usual, your air conditioning may be the cause.

With a comprehensive air conditioning service, you can be confident that your system effectively circulates cool, fresh air and allows you to breathe easy all Summer and keeps your windows de-misted during the Winter months.

Our Service includes Air-Conditioning Re-Gas, followed by*:

• System pressure check and performance test

• Check operation of heater controls, internal blower speeds and condition of air-conditioning switch

• Check operation of re-circulation flap and condenser/radiator fans

• Check cooling system operating temperature

• Check compressor for operating noise (stationary and running)

• Check condition and security of compressor belt and mountings

• Check evaporator for leaks

• Check evaporator drain tube

• Visually check condenser for leaks, damage and airflow

• Visually check pipe work and fittings for leaks and corrosion

• Visually check receiver drier/accumulator for leakage

*Servicing inclusions and price may differ depending on make/model of vehicle. Ask for more details.

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